With FREE LDS sheet music for ward choirs, resources for new ward choir directors, and even an official blog, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the (re)launch of Soundsmith Music!

A Brief History of Soundsmith Music

Soundsmith Music started when I met Mack Wilberg at BYU and began preparing and arranging music in earnest. I love arranging LDS hymns for stake and ward choirs. But in recent years I became so busy with non-music work (including my “ballroom brats”) that I simply couldn’t keep up. Also, many of these arrangements need significant editing to make them clean (technically and visually) and complete (with audio recordings). Of course, I don’t suddenly have more time to spare. But this project is important to me and, I hope, useful for you; so, I’m making the effort.

Soundsmith Music 2.0

Or maybe 20.0? It seems I have many, many versions of these arrangements. Some of them are simply not good (at least they’re easy to discard!). Others are overcomplicated or inconsistent and need rework. Of course, if there’s anything I’ve learned from Mack and the MoTab, it’s that a composer’s work is never really done. I’ll admit, it’s a bit painstaking to revisit each piece and perform the cleanup, but I think that my older self is making wiser choices. So, I hope the newly posted versions prove more usable (and useful) to you.

So, here’s what that means for you:

I’ll revise and update each piece on the list as quickly as I can, but it may not be right away. You can request a “rush” for any piece you might need, but it’s going to take time and effort. (I still have other work—and my brats!) Nevertheless, I will soldier on.

And here’s how you can help:

I’ve always appreciated your feedback and encouragement, and I’ll need your support to keep up the good fight. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the music (especially if you find mistakes!) or the website. Also, if you find these arrangements helpful and are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation—every $1, $2, or $5 helps!

But, please don’t feel (too) obligated.

After all, “Free LDS sheet music for ward choirs” is my tagline. I really want everyone to have access—particularly you choir directors in small wards or branches with little or no budgets. For those of you that can afford it, please donate. Your support helps keep the site free and accessible to anyone who might need it. (Plus, you might get something fun in return.)

Thanks for reading and downloading and supporting this project. And best of luck with your choir!