New Ward Choir Directors

A few thoughts about building a successful ward choir.

For the New Ward Choir Director

For nearly thirty years, I’ve prepared lessons, talks, and workshops about music in the church, with particular emphasis in training for ward choir directors. While a few choir directors have enough enthusiasm (if not experience) to create their own mini MoTab, most of us merely hope to avoid a musical train wreck. Wherever you may be on that scale, I hope this series for the “New Ward Choir Director” helps.

About the New Ward Choir Director Series

This article series for the new ward choir director focuses first on “the big picture” and then on organization. In my experience, understanding the true purpose of music in the church really helps lower stress and anxiety. Getting organized lowers stress even further.

Of course, musicality is important, too. But so often, the new ward choir director feels so musically under-qualified she can hardly think. If this describes you, take a few deep breaths and dive into the first article. I think it might help. And, once you’re ready, we can get into the technical stuff.

If you have any feedback, or certain topics you’d like to see discussed, please let me know. And, as always, best of luck with your ward choir!